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Unlock Breakthroughs with Enzymatic DNA Synthesis

Reshaping Biology

Explore how Ansa’s groundbreaking DNA synthesis technology empowers scientists to achieve the next wave of scientific breakthroughs and shape the future of biology.

Serving Diverse Industries

Our DNA synthesis technology enables innovation across a wide variety of industries, including:

Healthcare &


Food &


A lab technician using a pipette

Overcoming Complex DNA Synthesis Challenges

Unlike traditional vendors, we’re focused on synthesizing sequences that are considered complex or even impossible to synthesize – for instance:

  • GC- or AT-rich sequences such as promoters
  • secondary structure forming sequences such as ITRs
  • repetitive sequences such as CRISPR arrays

Start Unlocking Breakthroughs

Move your research forward by letting us synthesize the complex sequences you need. Sign up for our Early Access Program for a free consultation and to get priority access to our DNA Synthesis service.