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Our Mission and Vision

At Ansa Biotechnologies, we’re developing a new way to synthesize DNA that overcomes the limitations of traditional DNA synthesis methods. We envision a future where our technology empowers scientists to develop solutions for the world’s biggest problems in health and sustainability.


The Ansa Team

We’re proud of our highly interdisciplinary team and their incredible accomplishments in developing Ansa’s innovative technology.

A photo of the Ansa team.

Our Executive Team

Jason T. Gammack

Chief Executive Officer

Dan Lin-Arlow, CEO and co-founder

Dan Lin-Arlow

Chief Scientific Officer and co-founder

Sebastian Palluk, CTO and co-founder

Sebastian Palluk

Chief Technology Officer and co-founder

Jeremiah Hanes, Senior Vice President, Research and Development

Jeremiah Hanes

Senior Vice President, Research and Development

Dave Bullis

Vice President, Strategic Marketing

Marcos Urias, Vice President, Manufacturing

Marcos Urias

Vice President, Manufacturing

Yves Lacroix, Vice President, Engineering

Yves Lacroix

Vice President, Engineering

Jessica Krack

Head of HR

Nick Hurt, General Counsel, Head of Intellectual Property

Nick Hurt

General Counsel, Head of Intellectual Property 

John Trust

Director of Finance

Jared Ellefson

Head of DNA Assembly and co-founder


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