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Early Access Program for Complex DNA

Do you have trouble obtaining the complex DNA sequences you need for your research? Other vendors frequently reject sequences with complex features such as:

High or low GC content icon
high OR LOW GC content
secondary structures
Repeats icon

Even for the complex sequences they accept, manufacturing can take several weeks to months, and may still fail after multiple unsuccessful attempts, leaving you without the DNA you need. Unlike traditional vendors, we are focused on synthesizing sequences that are considered complex or even impossible to synthesize.

Our Early Access Offering

Accelerate your research by getting the complex DNA you need rapidly and reliably. In our Early Access Program we offer Gene Fragments and Clonal Genes, both verified by next-generation sequencing.

Gene fragments icon
  • Fastest turn-around time
  • Up to 600 bp sequence-verified, linear dsDNA fragments
Clonal genes icon
  • Highest % perfect
  • Up to 600 bp sequence-verified, clonal DNA in a standard Ansa cloning vector

Talk with us about Early Access Program special pricing. Let us get you the DNA you need to achieve new scientific breakthroughs that require complex DNA.

Expanded Early Access Program
Ansa is now building on the success of its limited early access program and increasing availability to its complex DNA synthesis services. The expanded program offers DNA sequences 600 bp in both sequence-perfect clonal DNA or faster sequence-verified linear dsDNA fragment formats.
Download program details (PDF)

Be Part of Our Early Access Program

Choose from gene fragments or clonal genes up to 600 bp. Sign up today for a free consultation to learn more about how we can accelerate your research and to request a quote with Early Access special pricing.

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