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Expanded Early Access Program
Ansa is now building on the success of its limited early access program and increasing availability to its complex DNA synthesis services. The expanded program offers DNA sequences 600 bp in both sequence-perfect clonal DNA or faster sequence-verified linear dsDNA fragment formats.
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Access More Sequences with Ansa Biotechnology
Ansa’s DNA synthesis approach has the industry’s lowest error rate, which allows us to directly create 600 bp oligonucleotides. These long oligonucleotides enable the generation of DNA with complex features that cannot be constructed by assembling short oligonucleotides.
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DNA Synthesis Needs A Paradigm Shift
To accelerate research, scientists need longer and more complex DNA sequences than traditional synthesis techniques can build.
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Synthesis and Propagation of Complex AAV Gene-of-Interest Plasmids
Synthesis and propagation of plasmid DNA molecules with complex sequence motifs is an established pain point in manufacturing genetic medicines. Herein we report the use of a groundbreaking enzymatic DNA synthesis platform from Ansa Biotechnologies in conjunction with Novel Bio’s in-house DNA assembly workflow to reliably synthesize and produce complex plasmid DNAs used in the production of viral vectors for gene therapy.
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