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A Unique Enzymatic DNA Synthesis Technology

Ansa’s innovative enzymatic DNA synthesis technology offers key benefits over other DNA synthesis methods — chemical and enzymatic. Watch the video to learn more.

Our technology is…

Capable of synthesizing long and complex sequences
Fully enzymatic and does not damage DNA during synthesis
A simple process optimized for speed and reliability

Our enzymatic synthesis technology enables the direct synthesis of DNA molecules more than 1000 bases long. We call them Ansamers™.

Powered by TdT-dNTP Conjugates

Ansa’s enzymatic DNA synthesis technology is based on TdT-dNTP conjugates, enzymatic reagents that enable rapid and controlled single-base additions to a DNA molecule.

First described by Ansa’s founders in Nature Biotechnology, a TdT-dNTP conjugate is made by tethering a single deoxyribonucleoside triphosphate (dNTP) molecule to the template-independent polymerase TdT. The TdT enzyme can extend a DNA molecule by one base using its one tethered dNTP.

A diagram of the TdT-nucleotide conjugate

How Our Technology Works

Enzymatic DNA Synthesis Process

  • A DNA primer attached to solid support is exposed to the TdT-dNTP conjugate of the first desired base to add to the primer of the sequence.
  • A conjugate extends the primer using its tethered dNTP and then remains covalently attached to the 3’ end, blocking other conjugates from further extending the primer. (1. Extend)
  • Cleaving the linker releases TdT from the primer, enabling subsequent extension. (2. De-block)
  • The process is repeated with a sequence of conjugates to synthesize the desired DNA sequence.
A diagram of Ansa's DNA synthesis process
A diagram of Ansa's DNA synthesis process

DNA Manufacturing Platform

Ansa has developed a series of highly multiplexed, fully custom instruments that use our TdT-dNTP conjugates to synthesize DNA. The instruments feature a novel liquid handling approach that is optimized for speed and reliability. The DNA manufacturing process, from synthesis to downstream processing to final QC, is orchestrated by custom informatics software, and all sequences are screened for biosecurity following industry best practices.

Gene Fragment or Clonal Gene Formats

Ansa’s DNA manufacturing process has a single, streamlined workflow that begins with a ssDNA oligonucleotide or Ansamer™, that is processed into a dsDNA fragment or clonal gene up to 600 bp long.

Start Unlocking Breakthroughs

Move your research forward by letting us synthesize the complex sequences you need. Sign up for our Early Access Program for a free consultation and to get priority access to our DNA Synthesis service.