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Ansa Biotechnologies Appoints Jason T. Gammack as CEO

    Gammack is joining the company as it completes its early access program and prepares for a full commercial launch of its rapid enzymatic synthesis for complex clonal genes and gene fragments. Founding CEO Dan Lin-Arlow, PhD, will remain with the company and transition to a new position as chief scientific officer.

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    Ansa Biotechnologies Announces First Shipments of Complex Clonal DNA Sequences to Customers in its Early Access Program

      Ansa successfully synthesized and delivered challenging promoter sequences with high GC and AT content to its first Early Access customer, Enoda, which were used to engineer gene expression. Ansa’s proprietary next-generation enzymatic DNA synthesis technology overcomes the limitations of traditional methods, giving scientists access to accurate complex DNA, quickly and reliably.

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      Ansa Biotechnologies Closes Oversubscribed $68 Million Series A Financing to Power the Next Era of DNA-Enabled Industries

        • Ansa’s next-generation enzymatic DNA synthesis technology will dramatically accelerate innovation across every industry enabled by synthetic DNA from biologic drugs to biomanufacturing, and DNA-based data storage.
        • Funding will advance next-generation technology platform, expand R&D and manufacturing facilities, grow multidisciplinary team, and launch DNA synthesis service.
        • Ansa is solving current industry bottlenecks associated with synthesizing complex DNA sequences that are difficult to obtain from existing DNA synthesis providers.

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        Ansa Biotechnologies Announces Successful de novo Synthesis of World’s Longest Oligonucleotide at 1005 Bases

          • The next frontier in oligonucleotide synthesis is the direct synthesis of gene-length sequences.
          • Ansa synthesized a 1005 base long oligonucleotide with industry-leading accuracy.
          • Ansa will be initiating an Early Access Program for clonal synthetic genes in April 2023 to help researchers obtain sequences that have been difficult to synthesize

          “The 1005 base sequence encodes a key part of an AAV vector used for gene therapy development and contains complex features, including strong secondary structures and high GC content, which are extremely challenging to synthesize using conventional methods that require assembly of shorter oligonucleotides.”

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          Ansa Bio Appoints Dr. Matthew McManus as Chair of the Board

            • Ansa Biotechnologies, a pioneer of next-generation DNA synthesis, today announced the appointment of Matthew F. McManus, M.D, Ph.D., as Independent Director and Chairperson of the company’s Board of Directors.
            • Dr. McManus brings decades of experience in the life sciences industry to the Board.

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            Ansa Biotechnologies partners with TeselaGen Biotechnology to enable commercial production of DNA products

              “Ansa Biotechnologies Inc., the company developing a new way to make DNA using enzymes, is announcing a partnership with TeselaGen Biotechnology Inc., the company developing an integrated enterprise software operating system for designing, building, and optimizing biological and biochemical products. The partnership will bring a broad set of tools to Ansa Biotechnologies that will bolster R&D workflows and enable early-stage DNA manufacturing.”

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